Cathlene “Cat” Smith

photo.phpCathlene “Cat” Smith

Pendulum Reader/Research/Page Admin

I have been interested in the paranormal sciences since I was a child. My father introduced me to the possibilities of connecting with the spirit world. He was a renegade in this area in the 1960’s claiming to see auras and working with telekinesis. His passing when I was 19 encouraged me to carry on his interests. My main goal was to connect with him on the other side. I assume that may be why I am a skeptic using paranormal disciplines to seek truth of the afterlife.
A Catholic school girl from Utah, I have always been open to differing views of spiritual thought. I have studied many eastern philosophies, Judaic and Christian texts and Wiccan and Pagan doctrines. It is the thirst for knowledge that keeps me channeling the paranormal while maintaining a balance of science and spirituality.
I began selling and working with pendulums about 10 years ago. I have never been a crystal worker nor do I claim to have any psychic abilities. I read for people on occasion and have been approximately 85% accurate. I go beyond the “yes and no” questions utilizing a letter board (not Ouija) for complicated and symbolic answers to questions.
I have been a paranormal investigator with several local teams and with my own for over 8 years. In that time I have captured a plethora of EVP’s, shadows, and unexplained objects on film. To this day I remain reluctant to state that I caught something that can’t be scientifically disproved.
My personal mission is to find credible evidence, to debunk the unexplained and to nurture spiritual thought through scientific evidence.

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