Paul Welch (Co-Founder)


Paul Welch (Co-Founder)


All my life I have been interested in the paranormal and finding proof of the afterlife and all things paranormal. I have had some of my own experiences that I cannot explain and look forward to working with this team to get some of that proof for others. My very first experience with the paranormal happened in my own house one day as I walked into our upstairs bathroom. We had a pump soap on the counter half full of soap. It was one of those ones that are square on the bottom that you get from Bath & Body Works.



bath-and-body-works-soap-300x300As I walked into the bathroom it tipped over and slid across the long counter top that we had. This startled me a little but my curiosity I sat there and tried to figure it out. I sat the soap back up and attempted to knock it over with a finger hitting the top of the pump. Since the soap was still half full and heavy on the bottom I could not tip it over with just a light touch and it would take a huge hit to tip it over and slide it across the counter. Since i have lost some family members in recent years I did not take this as an evil spirit but maybe just as the playful spirit of my father trying to get my attention.

From that point on I did two investigation at Asylum 49 without being part of a team or going with my wife. And ever since then I have had the bug to continue these investigations. Together with my wife Jennefer Welch we will be doing some investigations to help people get a better understanding as to what is happening in their homes or businesses.

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