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Alice ITC Software


ALICE is a custom designed software program which runs on any Windows PC platform.

A very long time in development and using wide ranging programmer skill sets in the specialised areas of natural language programming ( NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), she is an ideal device to add to any paranormal group’s armoury for site investigative work.

ALICE will load onto a Windows PC or tablet and is launched simply from there during an investigation. This sees her alternating scan lights flash hypnotically whilst the circuitry within the computer invites external influence by spirit entities.

As the programme circuitry and code is influenced, the lights stop flashing and after a brief pause of a few seconds, a word or an entire phrase is displayed on her output line very clearly for all of the team to read.

Her internal dictionary is easily customised by the user by the simple editing of a text file. She has been able to work with enormous word and phrase lists, currently up to ten thousand lines of data.

In use, she has proven to be remarkably accurate and relevant during paranormal investigations. The chances of the various words and phrases which she has output being selected at random are astronomically small! Consistency and relevance have been truly breathtaking during trials, and she continues to amaze… it’s not uncommon for her to give actual names which have strong verifiable connections with the building being investigated.

The software is available here for download and purchase (just under $60):


Benee Quibell

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Jennefer Welch

 Jennefer Welch (Co-Founder)


I am very interested in the paranormal and have had some personal experiences I cannot explain. I have joined a team to get proof and understanding to what is beyond this life and to share experiences with my paranormal friends. We started the Badass Spirit Outlaws to investigate some great locations and get some answers for those in need.

Live, Laugh, Love


Psychic Page

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Eva Lietz

b3ce3d_6b4a805d44e347789f1ea43d69a6db3b.jpg_srz_p_288_318_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz  Eva Lietz (Co-Founder)

Lead Investigator

I started investigating the paranormal in Jan 2012 where I went to a place called the Fear Factory. My very first investigation and I froze my ass off but I liked it so much that now I am co-founder of this team, Badass Spirit Outlaws which was formed the in 2014. I have never been one for watching the ghost shows on TV before this and still don’t watch them. Most of them I feel are very phony. I am a very skeptical person though I have a very open mind to it all. I have had only a hand full of personal experiences which totally thrill me when they happen. I enjoy sharing this experience with others who are new to the paranormal world and those who are well seasoned.

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